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The Independent Dental Health Plan

For easy finance options, choose a private dental plan from Aspire Dental Care Limited. We have clinics in Aylesbury, Amersham and Dagenham. We have a range of dental plans to make your payment options easy and hassle-free. Get in touch with us for more details on our teeth whitening or cosmetic dental services.

Enjoy flexible, affordable dental care with our Independent Dental Health Plan

Regular attendance to see your dentist and dental hygienist helps us to improve and maintain your oral health. There is clear evidence within our practice that patients who attend regularly for examinations and hygiene appointments tend to require less dental treatment overall. 

Our Independent Dental Health Plan represents fantastic value, spreads the cost of your regular dental care and provides you with easy access to high quality dental treatment when required. 

Members are guaranteed quality time with your dental health professionals, access to superior dental materials and treatments, plus great reductions in the cost of cosmetic dental treatment.
Dental appointments for you
Choose an affordable dental plan from Aspire Dental Care Limited, in Stirchley, Telford, Southampton, Aylesbury, Little Chalfont, Amersham, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Dagenham. For more details call us on one of the numbers below now.
Aylesbury: 01296 336 137
Dagenham: 020 8595 1116
Little Chalfont: 01494 762 601
Amersham: 01494 724 178
Stirchley: 01952 592 658
Dental plans

Is this plan right for you? 

If you like the predictability of fixed costs for your dental treatment the Independent Dental Health Plan could be perfect for you. We have designed the plan so the cost of your regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments are covered by an affordable monthly payment £8.99 

That is less than 33 pence a day for your regular dental care. 

When you do require dental treatment there are three levels of fees: 

Level 1 — provided by a Direct Debit payment of £8.99 per month 

Care provided under level 1 includes: 

  • 2 Dental examinations per annum 
  • 2 Scale and polish appointments provided by your dentist or hygienist per annum 
  • Dental X rays (routine) 
  • Oral cancer screening

Level 2 — provided by paying a fixed fee of £75.00 per course of treatment           

Clinically necessary treatment provided under level 2 includes: 

  • Extractions (maximum 2 per course of treatment)
  • Silver fillings (maximum 2 fillings per course of treatment) 
  • Small white fillings (maximum 2 fillings per course of treatment)
  • Simple periodontal therapy (1 visit of 40 minutes) 
  • Denture tooth addition

Level 3 —provided by paying a fixed fee of £260 per course of treatment 

Clinically necessary treatment provided under level 3 includes: 

  • PFM Crown (maximum 1 crowns per course of treatment) 
  • PFM Bridge 
  • Dentures (full upper and lower set if required) 
  • Root fillings (maximum 2 root fillings per course of treatment) 
  • Complex periodontal therapy 

What happens if you elect to have cosmetic dental treatment? 

The Independent Dental Health provides clinically necessary dental treatment. However because you are a loyal member of our practice, should you elect to have cosmetic treatment, you will receive a 10% reduction in the cost of any course of treatment:

Benefits of our dental plan include:

  • You do not have to be dentally fit to enter this plan 
  • You will not be asked to sign a contract and may leave the plan at any time 
  • There is a once only administration joining fee of £10 which will be collected with your first monthly payment 
  • Your monthly payments for level 1 will be collected on or around the 10th of every month by our plan administrators Privilege Plan Ltd, and their name will appear on your bank statement. We are not able to alter the date of collection. 
  • Your benefits will commence following your first monthly payment 
  • In the unlikely event of you cancelling your plan whilst having cosmetic dental treatment or within six months of completing a course of cosmetic treatment we reserve the right to recover the discounts applied to your treatment 
  • Membership of your plan is continuous and does not require renewal each year 
  • You are responsible for making and attending your appointments provided under the plan and entitlements may not be carried forward 
  • Please keep us informed of changes in your personal details 
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