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Private dental treatment in the UK

At Aspire Dental Care Limited and Advanced Dental Health, we specialise in providing a range of private and cosmetic dental treatments. Talk to a member of our team for more information.

Private services

Hygienist - Professional cleaning and oral hygiene.
Orthodontics - Improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth.
Whitening - Restore your natural tooth colour with our whitening treatment.
Cosmetic crowns - Protect damaged, cracked or broken down teeth.
Cosmetic fillings - This includes amalgam fillings and white fillings.
Private extractions - We offer tooth extractions and follow up advice
Private root canals - Root canal treatment is used to save teeth which would otherwise need to be removed.
Cosmetic veneers - Dental veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth.
Implants - Dental implants may be an option for people with missing teeth.
Private cobalt chrome dentures - Chrome cobalt are very strong and light dentures that offer excellent aesthetics.
Private acrylic dentures - Suitable for most people and can be fitted as soon as a tooth is removed.
Teeth Whitening: 0% finance on treatment over £500 for over 12 months.
Private dental treatment
Teeth care


Fillings can be:
  • Amalgam (silver coloured)
  • Composite (tooth coloured)
  • Glass ionomer (used in certain circumstances)
  • Temporary fillings (used as a temporary dressing)
If a cavity is detected by your dentist, your dentist can restore your tooth with a filling before it develops into a more serious problem. Your dentist will discuss the various options with you and together you can decide on what type of restoration will suit your needs.

Where the extent of the damage or decay makes a filling impractical, the tooth can still be restored with an inlay, onlay or crown.

Placing a filling is a one visit procedure. Normally a tooth coloured filling or an amalgam filling is placed, but in some instances, once the tooth has been prepared by your dentist, a glass ionomer or a temporary filling is placed.

Inlays and onlays

When a filling cannot be placed, an inlay or onlay may be necessary in order to restore your tooth back to health. These are stronger restorations and aesthetically very pleasing. They can also be provided instead of a normal filling. Your dentist will always discuss your options with you to help you choose whether to have an inlay or an onlay.

These long lasting restorations are made of:
  • Metal
  • Gold
  • Composite (tooth coloured)
  • Porcelain (tooth coloured)
Together with your dentist you will choose what type of inlay or onlay will best suit your needs.

An inlay seats into your tooth whilst an onlay is placed on your tooth and builds up its shape by covering the cusps. These restorations are stronger and can last longer than fillings, and are especially suitable for the chewing surfaces on back teeth.

At the first visit your tooth is prepared by your dentist. Impressions are taken and these are sent off to a dental laboratory so that the technician can construct the inlay or onlay to the exact size, shape and colour required. A temporary restoration will be placed in your tooth before you leave the surgery. 

At the second visit the temporary dressing is removed and your dentist will cement or bond your new inlay or onlay into the tooth. Any necessary adjustments will be made in order to achieve a perfect fit and bite. If you would like more comprehensive details on our range of private dental treatments, cosmetic dental treatments or private dental plans, get in touch our team today.
Inlays and Outlays
For private dental treatments or cosmetic dental treatments in the UK, call Aspire Dental Care Limited/Advanced Dental Health on one of the numbers below:
Southampton Lordshill: 023 8073 8916
Ipswich Clavering House: 01473 252 519
Kesgrave Orchid Dental: 01473 610 160
Aylesbury: 01296 336 137
Dagenham: 020 8595 1116
Little Chalfont: 01494 762 601
Amersham: 01494 724 178
Stirchley: 01952 592 658
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